Bayer | Dirt Rich

  • Creative Director

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Produced at the BNS

This summer I teamed up with Brand New School and Open The Portal to make this 100% dirt stopmotion piece. We used CG previz to work out the flow nd inform camera movement that we could emulate on stage. It was fascinating to use a material as "mundane" as the dirt beneath your feet.  Shaping cornfields and rolling hills, tight typography transitions, bugs and root systems on a 2 day stop motion shoot was challenging. But we dug in and broke elements up to make it happen. 

Style Frames

Images from the shoot and time in LA. Open The Portal {OTP) provided a top-notch Team for the stopmotion BNS did the post production.  DDB was a great client and it really impressed me that they would shoot tests like this to their client for approval. ~*props >*< ~*N!."