Frito-Lay | The Flame & the Fantastic Flood
  • Director
  • Art Direction

Produced at Laika


This was the second spot produced in parallel with Salsa with a considerably smaller team of artists. creative expectations. It was selected by FritoLay to air on the Superbowl, but the original music track was still being tweaked so it was held back. Bummers - but the final result looks great.   

Just like Salsa, Queso has her own creation myth and hers takes place on a planet made entirely of cheese! This sun drenched world has rivers of milk, dried chilies, tomatoes, and jalapeno pepper plants. Queso crash lands on the planet as a fire-sprite comet and then shape shifts as she absorbs more momentum and power. Ultimately, she transforms the planet into delicious melted cheese and seals it up tight in a jar of Frito-Lay Dips!

Character Design

Environment Design

Divine Botany