MTV | Puberty
  • Animation Director
  • Webby Award winner | Best Use of Animation & Motion Graphics

Welcome to "Puberty," those awkward, insecure years you'd love to forget.  A unique cast of characters created and designed by Clay Weiner for MTV takes us back to a time in life where people fell in to two categories: popular and really unpopular; and your body did things you didn't want it to do.

"Puberty" reminds us that although those awkward years can be pretty crappy, adulthood is, like, way worse.


“Puberty, as painful as it was, proves in hindsight to be a pretty apt metaphor for life. But the cruel truth is that you never get over it. No matter how old you get you still get pooped on (Doo-doo), you always wish you were more mature than you are (Pubes), you always think you have a big butt (Booty), and they’ll always laugh at you for sticking out of a crowd (Boner). As bad as Puberty is, adulthood is worse.”
- Creator Clay Weiner.