Science 4 Girls (S4G)

Violet Ray is a nine year-old scientist who used to be a genius at science.
But Violet Ray no longer feels like a genius since the Earth’s magnetic poles reversed. What was unbelievable before, now happens on a daily basis. Violet Ray has to start all over, teaching herself the new laws of this strange world.
Everything in her lab is talking to her now, giving opinions and ideas on what she should do. Violet Ray can barely get any work done with the constant chatter!

Luckily, real Women scientists stop by to help Violet Ray by assisting in experiments or relaxing with a cup of tea. 
Violet Ray learns to love the chaos because when Anything Can Happen, she learns even more!

Science4Girls! is based on real scientific principles, with Violet Ray and her creations acting out how scientific inquiry works. Learning continues on the S4G! website where kids achieve 3rd and 5th grade national science standards through fun, flash-animated curriculum.



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Science 4 Girls! Books

S4G! Real Sciene Adventures Book Series takes readers with Violet Ray on her amazing journeys in the strange world of real science!

To Pluto and Beyond!

Violet Ray decides to bring Cat Ion and Ann Ion to the 4th Dimension with her to teach them about the solar system. But once they get to Pluto, Cat Ion gets mad and disappears. When Violet Ray and Ann Ion get to the edge of the solar system, they find a big surprise! It's just the beginning!