Frito-Lay  | And Then There Was Salsa 
  • Director
  • Art Direction
  • Annie Award nomination -  Best Animated Commercial

Animation Magazine

A brand looking for it's creation mythology. How do you take an ordinary Dip and give it a backstory... lore... mystery and romance? When we looked at Salsa we thought of a vivacious, spicy spirit and combined those ideas with the action of a food processor. 


Her dress is meant to be unattainable. Its organic and luxurious and if you touch it, it will slice you. Her decorations imbue the the essence of ingredients and fashion. She s a whirling musical chef, dancing, gliding and dicing her way through the vegetable landscape to create the most delicious salsa on the planet.    

There was a ton of great art work created for these spots. In particular I'd like to shout out to Ben Chan, Don Florez, Joshua Harvey, Rick Sluiter.



Character Design

"Weigel and his team have further catapulted LAIKA’s already solid reputation into contention with top CG commercial shops that can pull off a commercial narrative with saucy animation bolstered by a feast of triumphant design."

~Animation Magazine


Concept WIPS



"they were able to create a world that feels organic and stylized at the same time."

~ Motionographer