Vanilla Pudding

Have you ever wished you could kick the crap out of someone using what what you can conjure up in your imagination?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could also have the same sort of impact using just the right kind of words when you snap back to the real world!!!

...leaving your antagonists dumbfounded and speechless? Vanilla Pudding… has found a way to do just that…


A Nuke demo that floats around. This was the shot where Vanilla Pudding produces a Hippo Hurler from her tights. 


Vanilla Pudding is a new kind of SUPERHERO. 

Who is she?

She’s (not quite) like any kid.  At first glance one might assume she is a harmless-twit or a quirky introverted nerd.  Piss her off, however, and you may find yourself in places which can reduce the most imposing headmaster or neighborhood bully into crying babies. 

Where does she live?

8 year old Vanilla resides in the idyllic small town setting of 2 Tree Hill.  It’s picturesque and pleasant in many ways, but also a very dangerous.  Vanilla, trots about her days like a wide eyed pony, relishing the simple side of life (caterpillars, moon pies, kaleidoscopes etc. etc.) but these flight of fancy are almost always ruined by the harsh cold reality of being a kid, not all kids like caterpillars, not all caterpillars do either for that matter.

How does she get her powers?

When pushed to far, Vanilla’s over-developed HYPO-CEREBRUM GLAND kicks into high gear and pumps out a powerful cocktail of Vitamin P-juice.  As the P-juice floods here Neural Network, Vanilla’s brain activity races off the charts and the biochemical reaction enables her imaginative abilities to create a sub-reality within which she can transform into her alter ego – Mushu Bean!  Endowed with the powers to enter her very own “self created” fantasy offers an imaginary playground for Vanilla to work out her “real world” challenges. 

How does the show work?

A world created by an unstable little girl hosts an equally unstable cast of Allies and Enemies.  It’s a wild thicket where Vanilla’s super-powered alter-ego, Mushu Bean! can crusade for harmony and justice in the swirling chaos of her own mind.  When she succeeds in finding a “physical solution” and a deeper insight into Vanilla’s “real world” problems she hands the reigns back to Vanilla who is able to now deliver a profound and unique way of overcoming her challenges.

Through Mushu Bean’s adventures is where Vanilla Pudding finds another dimension to herself. It may not always be sweet, but it is empowering and FUN! Limited only by her imagination -- Mushu can transform Claude, the neighborhood 3x hard science title holder, into the super buffed Senor Especial and her star-shaped plastic barrette into the ever-clever imaginary friend Mr. Enjoyable, creating her very own trio of pre-pubescent super-heroes.  They’re an intimidating click whose combination of brut force and playful ingenuity can take on the mounting manifestations of Vanilla’s deepest insecurities and fears.  The three heroes win the day with insight, intelligence, and an unlimited arsenal of over the top toys supplied by Senor Especial’s Super Fantastic Toy Lab.


Villans abound!!!

…and it’s a good thing they’re packing, for one never knows when Unforgivable Floyd and the Sister’s Ugly will appear, bringing with them sinister plots fueled by absolute immaturity. Or perhaps this time it’s SHATPANTS the nefarious Alien Cat bent on world domination – who when not occupied by his irritable bowls, is busy calculating a “real world” masquerade as Vanilla’s beloved pet.  He has her blinded by one of her true weaknesses “animal activism”.  If the trio can smite those villains they’ll have to face the Man with the Little Popcorn Head, and he is of a whole different caliber of evil.  Popcorn Head is unwelcome adult plaguing Vanilla’s fantasies; a nightmarish ghoul at the helm of a marauding steam engine, with giant saw blades for wheels, who’s primary objective is to surgically dredge up Vanilla’s deepest fears and devour Mushu Bean once and for all!!!

No one is sure how he got into Vanilla’s sub conscious, or why he feels compelled to be in a show for kids, but if he was able to penetrate her mind can he penetrate his way into ours?… if so, who knows what he can unleash into the real world!!!

Bad Girls on all sides, Alien Felines coming from Space, and a Freaky Man who’s driving trains around her brain - It’s no wonder folks think she’s nuts!